About us

AdRout LLC is an advertising platform, which provides our clients an opportunity to advertise and monetize. We are dedicated to creating a great marketplace, where our clients could grow and improve their mobile and web business. Our mission is to find for our clients the most reliable partners and to provide with the safely connection of advertisers and publishers.
AdRout provides an self-service app tracking functionality with analytics that help to track events, analyze and measure ad campaigns.
Meet our traffic quality solutions for the app developers and online advertising community. Deployed as hosted SaaS solutions, AdRout's offerings help to optimize online advertising campaigns by identifying sources of unwanted or underperforming traffic (such as click fraud) and scoring valid traffic based on its value to advertisers and ad networks. AdRout provides scoring, auditing, verification, and attribution metrics to optimize and improve return on ad spend. AdRout is able to track billions of traffic events, reporting on where they appeared, for how long, and to what effect. AdRout's mission is to bring greater levels of transparency and accountability to the online adverting industry. AdRout will answer the most important question in digital advertising – How much should I pay for traffic?