Traffic Quality Assurance

Our powerful solution is more than just an analytical system. It allows you to realize on what kind of traffic you spend your marketing budgets and so, to optimize them. AdRout helps you to boost ROI and to identify the most reliable partners with the highest conversion. Our system use more than 20 criteria that helps to identify fraud activity

For APP Developers

AdRout provides App Developer with valuable information about transactions quality. Our solution allows to get a weighted conclusion regarding amount of installs that are not worth to be paid for and gives all information, why not. Our main idea was to create a solution for App Developers, which would ensure the independent solution for traffic fraud prevention. The system is completely transparent, agile and independent.

How Does It Work?

Main Features

Real-time reporting

Watch detailed analysis on each event in real-time

Split-second redirect

Our datacenters are located all over the world that helps us to make an imperceptible redirect

Cloud-based solution

We are completely scalable according to your requests. It means that we allow you to process billions of events in one moment.

Research Lab

Our specialists exploring new types of fraud all the time that helps us to find innovative solutions on detecting ad fraud

Granular report

Shows you all necessary data about each separate event

Multi-user access

Assign roles and types of access inside your team for easier work


We provide –System management API and –Reporting API for more convenient usability of our system


Our system could be customized according to your needs

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Thank you for applying to adRout.
We will respond to your request within 1-2 business days

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